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The story of Gem Stone King is the story that proves the saying that “the more things change, the more they remain the same”.Today, Gem Stone King is a leading online jewelry company with over 300,000 Internet sales. While Internet technology is relatively new, the family that owns Gem Stone King has been in the diamond business for over 100 years.

The president, Nir Hollander is a fourth generation diamond merchant. Nir’s great grandfather, Elyahu Holzer, started the business in 1903 in Antwerp, Belgium.

From these humble beginnings the family grew the diamond business with locations in New York, Belgium, Israel, and Thailand. Nir ‘s father, Charlie Hollander, moved to Israel in 1966 from where he exported Diamonds all over the world selling to jewelry stores. Fifteen years ago he started the Charles Hollander Collection producing prestigious objects made out of gold and diamonds.

Because they buy gems direct from the source, it’s able to offer low prices to match our high quality. WeInitially they have began selling jewelry on E-bay and earned a customer satisfaction rating of 99.5% over more than 186,000 transactions. And now we are happy they have started sale services on their own website.

Gem Stone King has wide range of products including: beautiful polished diamonds, colored diamonds in a range of exciting colors (pink, rainbow-red, orange, yellow, blue and green), loose gemstones and fine designer jewelry. The quality is unsurpassed and all of our collections cater to the latest fashion trends what you can see from hundreds of highly ranked reviews across the Internet.

They have rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants with diamonds and semi-precious stones. Everything they sell is of the highest quality and every piece is brand new and mainly manufactured in the United States.

Customers benefit because they are diamond wholesalers who can sell to them directly, because of control the entire process from source to final product and to pass savings to customers.

We agree with them saying that “With our old world values and traditions and our mastery of the most advanced Internet technologies, we truly offer our customers the best of both worlds”.

Check yourself we are right about Gemstoneking.com to have biggest quality online collection of gemstones at the moment.

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