What did we find out about ZENMED, a famous acne and rosacea skin care solution..

The Brand History

Mandy Shahi launched Zenmed in 2000 after combining her love of homeopathy and alternative healthcare into one stellar product: Derma Cleanse Cleanser. But she didn’t stop there, she continued working with a natural skincare formulator in California and she developed a skincare line that was completely natural and specialized in “tough” skin problems. Her goal? Clinical-strength products without any of the chemicals that can actually do more damage than good.

Shahi and her Derma Cleanse Cleanser gained a following. By 2003, a line of over 29 products was born, including cleansers, masks, serums, moisturizers, and even supplements. The team grew as well, including the addition of a pharmacologist so that they could pay close attention to the medicinal activities of their products.

Performance -based skincare, naturally based, potent enough to yield fast, effective results. Instead of investing into a buying celebrity endorsements, excessive packaging, or infomercials, Zenmed invested in the labs and direct-to-consumer approach, where products are delivered straight from the labs to your door.

Why does Zenmed claim it to be natural and effective solution?

Zenmed products are all natural based, certified organic, or something that is called “bioidentical.” Bioidentical means that the ingredients in the project are similar to those that your body produces.
Most of the ingredients come from vegetables or plants.

They do not use benzoyl peroxide in any of their products, choosing a more natural way of combating against acne.

They consider Benzoyl peroxide draws out the natural oils from your skin. It’s in a way convinces your body that it is not producing enough oil, so your body in turn, starts to work overtime to produce extra oil. The bad thing is over time the body will build up a resistance to the benzoyl peroxide and it will not work. Using benzoyl peroxyde can totally mess up the skin and get your acne worse as eventually benzoyl peroxide will stop working.

Eco-friendly philosophy

And last but not the least Zenmed’s cruelty free and eco-friendly philosophy makes the brand stand out from many other similar solutions.

Every jar, bottle, or tube has had contact with a human hand. No mass production. Their belief is that with small batches, you get the freshest, most effective products possible at their maximum potency.
Even in packaging, wrapping much of their shipment in paper. No extra plastic, and boxes. All of the paper is recyclable. Thanks for Zenmed’s attention to the environment.

We do highly recommend to give Zenmed a chance if you are suffering with extreme skin problems. Click here to see their range of products and more detailed description.

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