Delfina Skin review: revolutionary solution for eczema, psoriasis, and cracked skin

In the 1980s, Dr. Chilingaryan – best known as “Dr. C” – first formulated his dry skin oil formula in Armenia. The doctor was particularly familiar with the problems associated with different skin conditions, as well as the limited treatments available, having personally dealt with dry skin his entire life. The current options on the market needed regular application, they were filled with synthetic fragrances and other irritants, and they left the skin feeling greasy. Most notably, to provide sustainable relief from conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, nothing was effective enough.

Dr. C was determined to create a substance that would relieve a number of concerns with skincare. He concentrated on the most common causes of chronic dryness: aging of the skin and frequent contact with water or chemicals. After years of testing, Dr. C succeeded in developing Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil, a groundbreaking product that immediately absorbs penetrating skin layers to provide sustainable hydration and nutrition by daily washing. 

Now, in California, this iconic Dry Skin Oil is made, where Delfina Skin continues to provide skincare solutions for those who have all but given up.

For all skin types, Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil is ideal and healthy for all ages. The substance is intended to soothe dryness caused by a number of causes, including eczema , psoriasis, seasonal dryness, water or chemical contact moisture loss, cracking feet, and aging. By enhancing their quality of life, thousands of people with skin disorders such as eczema credit Delfina Skin have removed itch, healed unsightly lesions and avoided cracking and bleeding by using the oil.

Dr. C is delighted to have found a way to help long-suffering people enjoy the pleasure of smooth, radiant skin. Without a prescription, his innovative Dry Skin Oil is available and can be bought here.

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