Eat Lean and Snack Healthy with Skinny Food Co

What is Skinny Food Co?

Founded by two enthusiasts James Whiting & Wayne Starkey with drink/health & wellbeing market background, passionate about great tasting healthy food developed an extensive range of Virtually Zero Calorie Syrups, healthy table top sauces and healthy snacking options which can be enjoyed by anybody. Skinny Food Co do not target specific customers, they simply tick the box for a lot of people that find a frequent use for the offered products. Skinny Food Co understand the difficulty in avoiding tempting food which may not be too good for us and most of this can contain high sugar, fat and calorie content. Skinny Food Co strive to be different and ensure that you eat cleaner by using their products. Whether it’s Virtually Zero Calorie Sauces helping you achieve guilt free dunkin’/dippin’ or enjoying Zero Calorie Syrups in your breakfast, Cup of Coffee or favourite dessert we know you’ll be impressed and be sure to come back and enjoy them over and over again!

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Why Skinny Food Co Skinny Zero Calorie Syrup?

  • Zero Dairy
  • Zero Gluten
  • Zero Calorie 
  • Zero Sugar (Certified Sugar-free, in fact!)
  • Zero Fat
  • Zero Guilt
  • Delicious range of flavours
  • Vegan + Gluten Free!

Great tasting

Taste is this brands’ priority. They perfect recipes and launch products which are being constantly tested. They also have to meet the main criteria listed on site: low calories/zero calories, low sugar, low fat and most of all great tasting!

Price promise

Skinny Food Co wants to grow and spread brand awareness and to do so cost is very important. Skinny Food Co promises to offer the best possible price. Already compared to similar companies that offer healthier sauces they are very price competitive. However, there are not many companies on the market offering a like for like product. Whether you buy from Skinny Food Co or any of their future stockists Skinny Food Co wants it to be affordable and offer great value for money.

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