Improve your drug-free sleep with Moonbow by DubsLabs

Brand snapshot

Founded in 2011, DubsLabs created its Moonbow collection with an aim to help folks get better rest in and out of the bedroom. From its sleep mask to its headphones (cleverly named Bedphones), most Moonbow accessories can be easily packed in a suitcase, stowed in a nightstand, or used on the go.

1/3 of your life

The average human spends 1/3 of their lives sleeping.

I believe people shouldn’t have to struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Failing to get a good night’s rest can be taxing on one’s body physically, mentally and emotionally. Moonbow sleep products are all designed to enhance your sleep experience through comfort & restful sounds, even for those who use CPAP masks, have tinnitus and other sleep-related illnesses.

If you’re a human, you need sleep, and Moonbow is here to help.

Moonbow TOP 3 products

Bedphones sleep headphones

Fall asleep to your favorite music, audiobooks, podcasts and soothing sounds with our patented on-ear, incredibly thin, infinitely adjustable sleep headphones.

  • Relax to music & meditation – The patented, lightweight design means you’ll hardly feel them
  • Enjoy movies in bed – Watch from the couch or your pillow without disturbing your partner
  • Block out snoring – Listen to your music to help mask the sounds of snoring
  • Relieve tinnitus: – Listening to sounds can mask the ringing to help you fall asleep peacefully

The adjustable plush memory pillow

  • Five Layers of Height Adjustment
  • Maintains Perfect Spine Alignment
  • Made From Luxurious Plush Memory Foam
  • Fast Rebound Reshapes to Head When You Turn Over
  • Super Soft Bamboo/Polyester Blend Pillow Cover

The total dark sleep mask

Soft, silvery and satin, this wide-designed, cotton-filled sleep mask hugs your face and ears to block out every bit of pesky ambient light. An absence of light allows your brain to release melatonin quicker, so you can fall asleep faster. This eye mask is light. It’s breathable. And it has a nifty velcro design that comfortably adjusts to all head sizes, including yours.

Click here and try it risk-free for 30-nights. If you don’t love it, return for a full refund, no questions asked.

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