Get to know more about RevAir Hair Dryer. Why reverse hair dryer is different?

When and Why?

Nearly four years in development, hundreds of prototypes, and thousands of trials, RevAir, “The World’s First and Only Reverse-Air Dryer” was launched in 2018 by a passionate and highly skilled team of beauty industry experts who knew this game-changing system would truly benefit all who use it.
The journey started with one resourceful dad’s use of vacuum suction to make ponytails for his daughters. Based on initial tests and dramatic results, they knew that the combination of reverse-air and heat was worth pursuing.

How does work?

The RevAir, or reverse air dryer, is magical. It dries and straightens hair in one step. Mileage may vary—depending on your hair texture and the style you prefer, you could have perfectly straight hair with no follow-up. But at the very least, it will greatly reduce the overall time spent on your styling.
It doesn’t blow out air. Instead, it uses a patented technology to vacuum suction aka “reverse-air” to move heat in the natural direction of the hair shaft and cuticles for a smoother finish without the need for a brush or brush attachment.

Unlike a traditional blow dryer, this consistent suction ensures all strands receive the same amount of heat at all times, resulting in straighter and less puffy hair that dries faster.

The wand works by pushing air down in the direction of the hair to avoid frizz, while openings at the very top blow air toward the scalp to dry that area as well. The RevAir has three temperature settings, including cold. Even at its hottest, it ranges from 176 degrees Fahrenheit to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. When I use a flat iron, it’s usually cranked up to 400 degrees or higher.
Difficult to picture myself loading locks of my hair into the nozzle of a vacuum-like device. Difficult to believe this would work. But it does. Hundreds of happy clients reviews across Google and Amazon prove it.

The only 2 facts we didn’t like about RevAir are..

Fact #1 : RevAir is currently available (certified and approved) in the United States & Canada ONLY!!
Faxt #2 : RevAir works in a 120V/60hz 15amp outlet only. It will not operate with the use of a converter, adaptor, or transformer
Connecting the 120V US/Canada version of the RevAir device with a plug adapter to a 230V supply outlet will cause destructive damage to the device and may cause personal injury or harm.
So please follow the instructions and enjoy beautiful, healthy hair!

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