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Why AlpenKraft?

Many people don’t realize that there is danger in impurities contained in water supplies, especially chlorine. Chlorine is universally used to disinfect water, but it is not safe for drinking, showering or bathing. Installation of a water filter such as AlpenKraft removes 98 percent of chlorine from the water. Aside from helping protect your skin and hair from the drying effects of chlorine exposure, AlpenKraft also helps preserve hair treatments and colour.

AlpenKraft shower – the 3 most important advantages

Higher water pressure

The micro-holes cut with a precision laser increase pressure, so water shoots through the metal plate at a higher speed.

With its approx. 80 mm diameter, the AlpenKraft shower head is relatively small but also very handy. Perfect as a hand shower!

Due to the relatively small diameter, the water jet is concentrated on a smaller area than with larger shower heads with a diameter of 120 to 150 mm. That increases the water pressure.

After trying 30 different “normal” shower heads for my shower head test , I was surprised by the power that the Alpenkraft shower head can achieve.

The shower has 3 jet types (rain shower, massage jet and a combination of rain shower and massage jet – my personal favourite). Depending on one you choose, water jet goes from the floor vertically to the ceiling. Incredible! I call that power.

Nevertheless, the water jet is not at all uncomfortable on your skin. It feels very soft and solid. Unfortunately, that was often different with many other manufacturers who also sell such as shower head with a limescale filter .

With them, the water jet felt very uncomfortable. I guess that’s due to the particularly good quality of the metal disc built into the AlpenKraft shower head.

Filtering through mineral stones

Special mineral stones are enclosed in two chambers in the AlpenKraft shower. The water is shot through the two chambers when showering. As a result, part of the lime is given off to the mineral pearls.

I can’t say whether this makes the water feel softer or whether it is due to the particularly fine water jet. But we have relatively calcareous water in the shower and the limescale is no longer as visible on the tiles and on the glass wall as without the AlpenKraft shower.

According to the manufacturer AlpenKraft, the mineral stones should be replaced after approx. 6-8 months. They don’t get bad if you don’t replace them, but they do get a little smaller and a bit grayish. So I assume that the antibacterial and mineralizing effect of the mineral stones will also wear off after a few months.

By the way, swapping is very easy. There is also a nice video on the website of the AlpenKraft shop . A filling from the mineral stones is already preserved in the shower head. And of course you can also order other fillings for the AlpenKraft shower.

Of course, you can also just buy the shower head first and see whether you like it as much as we do  and then order the replacement mineral stone filling in a few months. 

How long the mineral stones really last depends on how often and how long you shower with the AlpenKraft shower head and how many people in the household use it.

Lower water consumption means cost savings, a big plus for the AlpenKraft shower

Higher water pressure and still using less water, is that even possible? Yes it works, I tested it. The manufacturer of AlpenKraft states that water consumption of it’s shower is up to 40% less than normal shower head.

I’ve tested it on myself in the shower and let the AlpenKraft shower head run for exactly one minute. The result from my water clock. During my test period, the shower used around 7.5 to 8 liters. That is very good, or relatively little! This makes AlpenKraft shower a money-saving shower head in any case.

In the table above you can see an approximate water consumption of shower heads at 3 bar water pressure per minute. Average water-saving shower heads use only between 7 to 8 litres with disadvantage of weak water pressure.

Showering is simply no longer fun and the shampoo is then very difficult to wash out of your hair. This is different with the AlpenKraft shower head. Although it uses less water, while pressure is still very high and rinsing off shampoo is not a problem even with long hair.

Save money in the long term with AlpenKraft shower!

Anyone who takes a closer look at their bills and also recalculates them knows that daily showering can cost from 150 to 300 euros per person annually . Of course, it depends on the shower water consumption, shower length, water cost and what you use for heating.

But if you want to save 30 to 40% every year in the long term, you should think about buying a high – quality water – saving shower head. AlpenKraft would be a very good choice. Extra costs are return in few months!

How many jet types does the AlpenKraft shower head have?

The shower head from AlpenKraft has 3 different jet types that can be easily adjusted using a small toggle switch on the upper head.

Rain jet – a gentle tropical rain pleasant on the skin.

Massage jet – a very strong, compressed and slightly pulsating jet.

Combination jet – it combines the rain jet with the massage jet, very pleasant.

How much is AlpenKraft shower head and what is included in a package?

The shower head from AlpenKraft costs around 45 euros . The price is very fair in my opinion. Because you get high quality shower from an innovative Austrian company. And not a “cheap product” from a Chinese no-name manufacturer.

Click here and get yours today!

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