Are the reviews about Manta Sleep sleeping mask true?

A little bit about product

Manta is a eye mask for sleeping in bed and when travelling. Having a removable eye cups for infinite adjustment, true 100% blackout, and a range of customizable options to suit different sleep needs, whether you are on a plane, you sleep on your back or your side. Manta offers as well a range of different product models with options for cooling/warming eyecup, aromatherapy and a therapeutic weighted sleep mask and all that with reasonable prices starting only from $29.99 from Manta Sleep official website.
Features and Specifications
– No pressure on the eyes
– Removable/adjustable foam eyecups
– 100% comfortable blackout
– Snag-free micro hook velcro/fleece
– Breathable cotton strap
– Therapeutic options
– Weighs 90g (3.2 oz)
– Extra eye-pads/headbands/accessories available separately

Upgrades and accessories

Manta Sleep brand represents not just a single product, but a range of accessories and upgrade so you can tailor your sleep mask experience to your individual preference. So, as well as the standard version that we’re mainly talking about here, Manta also offers five more headband styles, designed with specific features and applications. They are:
Manta Slim Mask – slim, lightweight alternative to standard mask
Manta Aroma Mask – targeted ‘scent vents’ for aromatherapy to relieve tension and stress
Manta Weighted Mask – induces relaxation with gentle pressure application on relaxation points on your face
Manta Cool Mask – cooling eye pads to alleviate tired, puffy eyes & sooth sinuses
Manta Warm Mask – designed to moisturize and refresh dry, irritated eyes & release muscle tension

But as well as offering different product variations, you can also choose to replace components and even mix it up if you like. So it’s possible to purchase replacement headbands or eye-pieces or combine all of them for example to have a weighted eye mask with cooling features. Check out the Manta website for more details

At the end we should conclude..

Across the Internet we have found hundreds of reviews on Amazon, Ebay , other websites and most of them are highly positive from satisfied users.

From one side it’s just a sleep mask, but they truly have made something special – incorporating the best elements of product design, creativity and simplicity. The comfort and blackout capabilities of the Manta Sleep Mask are unrivalled in our experience, and, combined with the ability to swap out accessories, puts the Manta Sleep Mask in “must try” to enhance your sleeping experience.

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