Alpha Lion – SuperHuman workout supplements

Alpha Lion SuperHumanPre-Workout is a good formula for gym enthusiasts.

SuperHuman is a pre-workout supplement made by Alpha Lion. That does more than simply give you energy and Beta-Alanine tingles. Is great for those who are on a cut and want an edge when it comes to fat loss. With the addition of MitoBurn and Grains of Paradise, it can certainly put one in a strong thermogenic state, and it is something we experienced here on Fitness Informant.

According to the manufacturer, the product could increase strength and endurance, boost muscle growth, promote “laser-like focus” and raise energy without “crashes”.

The Alpha Lion pre-workout features several familiar ingredients:

Caffeine is widely used in this type of product because it is said to increase energy, drive and focus.

Di-caffeine malate (as Infinergy™) is thought to increase endurance and promote stronger muscle pumps, while beta-alanine may help reduce muscle soreness.

The Superhuman pre-workout is sold – or has been sold – in five flavors: “Unicorn Juice”, “Hulk Juice”, “Orange Gainsicle” “Kandy Kryptonite” and “Kruger Kiwiberry”.

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