Does Wyrex Multiple Devices Charging Pad beat AirPower? YES!!!!


Wyrex is a new wireless charger and the manufacturer claims that it is capable of charging up to four different devices simultaneously. That means iPhones, an Apple Watch, and a set of AirPods, Android based smartphones all powering up at once what AirPower decently can not do.

Technically, there are six charging coils within Wyrex — a 5W Apple Watch charger, a 5W Qi charger for smaller devices (i.e. AirPods), and four 10W Qi coils. 

The 10W coils are stacked two-and-two and are meant to accommodate devices of different sizes and orientations. While there are four total, only one from the left and one from the right can be used at the same time. Apple’s iPhones can only take advantage of 7.5W of available power, but it gives other devices the ability to use more.

It is a bit on the large size to accommodate such a medley of devices and works either propped up as a stand or lying flat as a pad. This is some much-needed versatility, Since iPhone X unlocks via Face ID, being angled upwards makes it easy to unlock and use while still charging.

The body of Wyrex is made of plastic, with subtle grooves on the front that indicate where devices can be placed to charge. An off-the-shelf power cord comes out of the back, with no ability to remove or replace it.

Wyrex wins out when it comes to versatility, being able to charge not just three devices, but four. It also can charge any Apple Watch, and not solely the Series 3 that AirPower is limited to. There is also the ability to prop up the charger instead of being relegated to lying on a table.

That flexibility also has a bit of rigidity to it though. Wyrex can charge all of those devices, but they do have to somewhat go into specific spots. Apple Watch must go on the charging puck and phones can’t fit where AirPods rest.

If any users will be charging with Android devices, Wyrex may be the better option with the ability to support up to 10W of wireless power.


You can use Wyrex for yourself in the following cases:

– At home to escape the conflicts & debates with your relatives who also want to charge their smartphones and to save space from too many cables

– In office when you need to use the smartphone during the charging and also when you want not to have too many cables.

Wyrex could be great for such business segments:

– In HoReCa business for guests who need to charge their phones in easiest way

– In any office with close seating staff to improve productivity and to share the charging capacities.


It is tailor-made for iOS/watchOS devices with far better build quality. Each device can be placed in any position on the charger and can power the Series 3 Apple Watch without a charging puck.

For those who are looking to save a bit of money and have many devices to charge, Wyrex could be a winner. For those who still want follow big name brand, they should probably go for AirPower.

If you want to pick up Wyrex for yourself, you can find it by clicking this link.

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