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With the rapid breakthrough of modern technology, researchers have been developing new ways to fight bacteria, viruses, and harmful organisms. They have engineered effective medicines and vaccines to help our body fight diseases; they have developed numerous chemicals to sanitize our living space. In recent studies, scientists are redirecting their attention to researching ultraviolet light devices, which has been gaining popularity among consumers


he main reason for its popularity, is that UV light sanitizer has virtually countless applications. UV light devices use the same principle in killing germs: the high energy in UV-C radiation penetrates the cells and destroys their DNA and RNA structure. As a result, the cells can no longer function and more importantly, they can no longer reproduce. Using this principle, engineers have designed various types of UV light sanitizer for different purposes.

Veilad UV sanitizing wand: This is by far the most popular UV light sanitizer. It is designed to be portable and multipurpose. It is lightweight, small; can easily fit in most carrying bags, and can be used on pretty much any object. It can be used on keyboards, utensils, baby toys, packages, car seats, phones, remote controls, clothes and so much more. It can also come in handy while you travel to sanitize public seats, toilets, and beddings in the hotel etc.


Traditional chemical sprays can be found in nearly every household, office, hospital, and public building. Different types of sprays act differently in cleaning. Some remove stain, some dissolve grease, and others sanitize surfaces. The role chemical sprays play in our daily life is essential. There are side effects for using chemical spray, such us environmental pollution, harsh smell, and harmful residue. After spraying the counter to disinfect, if not wiped down correctly, the residue can cause skin irritation.

Veilad UV light sanitizer produces no odor and leaves no residue on the items after sterilization. It is recommended to use UV light instead of chemicals on baby items, toys, and fabrics such as couches, beddings, and clothes. Babies like to chew on their toys, so it would be a better option to use UV light sanitizer on toys to avoid chemical residue getting into their tiny bodies. Using UV light sanitizer as an alternative cleaning method can also reduce harsh chemical odor, which is especially important in a closed, not well vented room.

That being said, please do not feel the urge to throw away your chemical spray bottles. There are some chemicals which cannot be replaced by UV light sanitizer. If you were to clean a dirty stove top, you would first need to use some chemicals or soap to clean up the grease, then you can use UV light sanitizer to disinfect the surface.


We highly recommend Veiled Portable UV wand, as it is safe to use as long as you follow the necessary safety procedures. Given the way it kills germs, UV light can also harm you if you shine it directly at your skin or eyes. When using UV light sanitizer, never use it on your hands, your eyes, your pets, and other people.

UV light sanitizer is made to sterilize inanimate objects, it cannot be used on any living tissue and creatures. When used correctly, UV light sanitizer is a great alternative cleaning method. It can be taken anywhere you go, has a wide range of applications, and it is odorless and chemical-free. Most importantly, UV light sanitizer can kill pathogens that have developed immunity or resistance to modern drugs, aka “super bugs“. That is why hospitals use industrial grade UV light machines to sanitize rooms, medical and surgical equipment.

There are several options available depending on size and other features, which you can check more detailed on official Veilad website.

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