Homers 3D Printer back to the market and Introduces Updated Machines

In begin of 2020 budget 3D printer company Tevo Rebrands to Homers 3D Printer, revamped stock and new announcements.

In 2017, Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Tevo had a sizable share in the budget FDM sector. Though some of its early models had their quirks, overall, the company offered decent FDM machines for a decent price (e.g. the Tevo Flash and the Tevo Tarantula Pro).

But in begin of 2020, Tevo went silent. Though their printers could still be bought through various Chinese vendors, the company was MIA for most of the year. The website went offline, support was nonexistent, and Tevo stopped monitoring its Facebook forums.

Fast-forward to today and it looks like the company’s back. A post in Tevo’s official Facebook group announced that they have rebranded as Homers 3D Printer.

On the website you can buy older Tevo stock: “Tevo Little Monster”, “Tevo Nereus”, “Tevo Michelangelo”, “Tevo Tornado”

It also announced the following improved versions of older Tevo models:

  • Homers Odysseus, a renamed Tevo Tarantula Pro
  • Homers Hector, which looks like a revamped Tevo Little MonsterDelta 3D printer, sporting a 340 x 500 mm print bed size
  • Homers Poseidon, a rebranded Tevo Nereus
  • Homers Aeolus, a CR-10-type upscaled Tevo Tornado
  • Homers Penelope, a resin 3D printer also known as Tevo Pulsar

Homers Odysseus is a fantastic, friendly beginner 3D printer that comes as a DIY kit but is very easy to assemble. There are many video on YouTube  with tutorials that make this a reasonably straight-forward build. Most people should be able to assemble the Homers Odysseus between 45–90 minutes, depending on your skill level.

The quality of the prints out of the box is excellent, and with a few tweaks to your slicer’s profile for the Homers Odysseus, you will print superior quality models, comes with additional accessories.

Order your Homers 3D printer here.

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