Play with a look of your place with Helios Touch lightening anytime you wish a change..

Transform any wall into an illuminated canvas with the Helios Touch Modular Lighting System. This wall light features hexagonal panels that you can move to create unique artwork. Additionally, the touch-sensitive light allows you to come up with any structure by connecting the magnetic edges. Just touch the tile to turn the light on and off. On top of this, you can customize lighting levels to achieve the right mood by illuminating just the tiles that you need. Similarly, you can simply swipe the entire surface of the wall to illuminate everywhere you touch. Furthermore, thanks to its hexagonal shape, Helios Touch can create many different structures, depending on the number of tiles you use. The smallest pack comes with five tile modules and everything else you need to get started.

Artwork or light, Helios Touch adds excitement and fun to your living or working space, improving quality of light and life. Create impressive designs and let the crowd shape the display. Wherever it is placed, Helios provides a functional and aesthetic diffused light source with a tactile experience. Quickly change the intensity and position of the light to suit the task. The panels are powered and attached using internal magnetic contacts allowing them to be rearranged into any shape.

Designed by James Vanderpant during his final year studying Product Design at the University of Brighton, Helios Touch was the outstanding product a student exhibition where it was noticed by a passing businessman who paired up with James to bring it the market.

Used anywhere, including receptions, corridors, children’s bedrooms and kitchens, Helios Touch provides unlimited possibilities for making enchanting and engaging rooms displays. The low voltage LED panels provide a safe, wipe clean wall light for all environments.

Make your home unique and special with only your own lightening designs.

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