Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies – What kind of benefits you get?

The Goli Apple Cider Vinegar gummies have finally hit the market and everyone is going crazy! These are the first Apple Cider Vinegar gummies that were specifically designed to make the swallowing a little easier on your taste buds whilst still providing you with a variety of benefits.

In this post I am going to look into the ingredients of those gummies and evidence to see if these are as beneficial as they claim.

What are Goli Gummies?

As the name suggests these are Apple Cider Vinegar gummy sweeties created by Goli which are created with 6 main ingredients; Apples, Beetroot, pomegranates, Vitamins B9 and B12, and Citric acid. These gummies have been created with health, convenience and effectiveness in mind.

What I personally quite like about Goli gummies is that you can get them in different packages, you can purchase anything from 1 month to 5 month supply.

You would be surprised but there are a few great differences between the traditional Apple Cider Vinegar and the Goli Gummies.

Goli vs Apple Cider Vinegar – The main differences

1. Taste

The first and probably the most obvious one is the taste. Have you ever tried swallowing apple cider vinegar? If you have then you’ll appreciate the taste of the Goli gummies! It tastes more like a sweetie rather than apple cider vinegar which is certainly a good thing. No more scrunched face in the mornings.

2. Infused with superfoods

So in addition to apple cider vinegar, these gummies contain beetroot and pomegranates. These two additional ingredients may not seem like a lot but these have some impressive benefits of their own that simply add to the already existing benefits of apple cider vinegar.

With regards to beetroot, there are several studies that show a reduction in blood pressure and also increased exercise capacity after beetroot consumption. These benefits are possible thanks to the beetroot’s content of inorganic nitrates which increase nitric oxide formation and affects the mitochondria which allows the body to use oxygen more effectively and delays fatigue.

3. Enriched with Vitamin B9 and B12

The traditional Apple Cider Vinegar naturally lacks a nutritional profile due to its making process. Apple Cider is made by fermenting the sugar from apples, and then these sugars are converted into acetic acid which is what provides the health properties that you’ll read below. Whereas these gummies are enriched in vitamin B9 and B12. Vitamin B9 , also known as folate or folic acid, is a vital vitamin for growth and development whereas vitamin B12 is important for the energy systems. Deficiency of B12 can cause serious fatigue and exhaustion. With this being said, the Goli gummies are not only a healthier option than the traditional apple cider vinegar but also help you maintain your energy levels so you can perform your daily exercise.

The Health benefits of Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

1. Weight loss

There are 3 ingredients that can actively aid in weight loss- Apple Cider Vinegar, vitamin B12 and pomegranate.

Firstly lets talk about the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). A 2009 study took place over 12 weeks and the outcome showed that people who consumed ACV lost more weight, burnt more fat and reduced their waist circumference compared to people who didn’t (placebo).

Another study that looked into the Apple Cider Vinegar was a 2018 study. There were 39 overweight participants who were separated into two groups. One group was placed on a restricted diet only and the second group were placed on a restricted diet and 30ml of ACV per day. This study found that the group who consumed ACV lost significantly more weight than the group who didn’t.  

Furthermore, vitamin B12 does not directly cause weight loss but it can aid in weight loss as it helps maintain a good level of energy. This can enable you to train harder and exercise for longer thus burning more calories. Weight loss is mostly driven by an imbalance of calories, the more you burn the more weight you’ll lose. You can read on calories and the imbalance in this post.

In regards to pomegranate, this is a great ingredient to add to any weight loss diet, meal or supplement! Why? Because it speeds up your metabolism. This is a great way to naturally start losing weight without any significant side effects. 

2. Suppress appetite

ou read above about a 2018 study which tested 39 overweight people right? Well this study also showed a significant reduction in appetite in people who consumed ACV. This is one of the reasons why they were able to lose a significant amount of weight. If their appetite was reduced then they would eat less calories, and although they were already eating in a caloric deficit they’d be able to eat even less.

In addition, a 2005 study looked into the effects of ACV on appetite and other values. There were 12 healthy volunteers who consumed ACV in the morning with their breakfast with a portion of white bread. This study reported a significant reduction to the appetite levels , especially in those who consumed higher doses of ACV.

3. Regulate blood sugar levels

When you eat sugary or carb-full meals then this can increase your blood sugar levels. This is because these are broken down into (simple sugars) that will circulate around your blood in the blood stream. Therefore, after eating such meals or snacks you can expect your blood sugar levels to be quite high.

There was a 2017 study that demonstrated how vinegar consumption can reduce the effects of circulating glucose and insulin levels after eating foods.

The effects of ACV were recognised a lot earlier. For instance, a 1995 study found that even a small amount of vinegar on a salad dressing is enough to regulate blood sugar levels.

4. Improves Heart Health

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of deaths, and these are caused by a variety of biological factors. Some of these factors include bad cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride levels (fats in the blood).

Well, a 2006 study found that ACV is able to regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels by doing 2 things. Firstly, it may inhibit the build up of fat in the liver. Secondly it may promote and encourage bowel movements.

In addition, the earlier 2018 mentioned study also reported an increase to HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and a significant reduction in triglyceride levels.

5. May improve Energy levels

As you’ve read in the earlier studies, the Goli gummies not only regulate blood sugar levels but are also enriched with vitamin B12. When your blood sugar level is regulated or controlled then the insulin response is also improved. This in turn may improve the energy levels may be enhanced throughout the day. In addition, the gummies are enriched with vitamin B12 which are great for energy levels.

6. Detoxifying

When people refer to detoxing, they mostly refer to the removal of toxins from the body. One of the most common toxins that are found in the body are in a form of ‘free radicals’. These are toxins found in the air that we inhale. There are a variety of vitamins and minerals that have antioxidant properties.

There are two ingredients that can actively scavenge for these free radicals and these are the pomegranates and citric acid. Both of these ingredients contain high levels of vitamin C. Therefore, it is fair to say that the Goli gummies can be great for a daily detox.

7. Improves gut health

It has been proven through many studies that Apple Cider Vinegar can improve gut health thanks to its prebiotic content, citric acid and magnesium. This enables ACV to help good bacteria to grow in the gut which aids in digestive issues like constipation.

8. May boost skin health

Apple cider vinegar is a well-known remedy for improving skin health and reducing the symptoms of eczema and dry skin. The skin is naturally a little acidic and the ACV can promote a balance to the ph levels. This can improve the protective layer of the skin thus improving the way it looks.


The Goli gummies are a great way of obtaining Apple Cider Vinegar without the nasty smell and taste. But in addition, you also get a tonne of other benefits as these are enriched and provide even more benefits than the traditional Apple Cider Vinegar. It is truly impressive. If you are looking to purchase the Goli Gummies then you can purchase them here .

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