Erasable Notebook “RocketBook” for the ones who still prefer a hand writing and care for eco-friendly solution

You might have noticed MAKSIRESULT loves eco-friendly products, as it helps to safe our planet. That’s why we bring to your attention today ROCKETBOOK erasable and reusable notebook that as well has option to digitize your notes to be accessible from anywhere.

Shortly, Rocketbook lets you take physical notes, quickly digitize them, and then erase the notebook when you’re done.

The Rocketbook has three main features that make it stand out from the competition:

  • The Rocketbook is erasable
  • You can easily digitize Rocketbook notes
  • The Rocketbook offers a quality writing experience

Let’s go through these features one by one?

The Rocketbook Is Erasable

After you’re done writing on a page, you can erase the ink using a damp cloth. This lets you reuse the notebook an effectively infinite number of times.

So what makes the Rocketbook erasable? To erase your notes, you need to write with a special pen called the Frixion pen. The pen’s ink, combined with the Rocketbook’s surface, lets you erase your writing.

How to Digitize Rocketbook Notes

The Rocketbook gives a way not just to scan your notes (what you can do with any scanner), but have it saved structured by category or even particular folder as per your choice. This possible by using QR codes and 7 special icons, which you’ll find at the bottom of each page:

When you download the Rocketbook app, you can set different destinations for each of these icons. You can choose anything from Dropbox to Google Drive to Evernote.

You can be even more specific – choose a particular folder or notebook based on the icon. For instance, you could set each icon to refer to a different Evernote notebook. This lets you digitize the note and put it in the right location without extra steps.

The Rocketbook also lets you choose having notes in PDF or JPEG. The PDF option even lets you bundle multiple pages of notes into one document.

All above is quite enough for us to be confident to recommend you this great quality and unique product to you, knowing you will be pleased using it, as well as if all together we will start using less traditional paper we will save more beautiful forests and will have more fresh air for us and our future generations.

RocketBook has different sizes and colours, you can check which RocketBook you would be liking more by clicking this link. Good luck to find the one which suits your style!

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