&Collar revolutionary apparel review

About the brand

Ben Perkins frequently wore white dress shirts for school events, orchestral shows, and church services as a young boy growing up in Hong Kong. But Perkins was wearing athletic clothes while he was not in a dress shirt. Then one miserable, muggy day, while wearing a white dress shirt, Perkins thought, “What can’t I make a dress shirt out of athletic material?” This concept was the beginning of the company &Collar, which was officially founded in August 2017.

Non-Iron Shirts

I get it, most men think of ironing shirts is a huge pain in the behind, so of course, if someone promises you a non-iron shirt, you are naturally interested in it. The problem is most dress shirts are made out of cotton and cotton inherently wrinkles. To prevent cotton from wrinkling after it’s being laundered, you need to really work on the fiber itself and treat it with many chemicals including formaldehyde. Now when you do that, even a high-end cotton doesn’t stay soft and luxurious anymore. It becomes cheap and also less absorbent. It almost has a plasticky feel and touch. The problem is when you wash the shirt a dozen or two dozen times, the non-ironing properties are literally washed away and you still end up having to iron your shirt in order to get a clean, crisp dress shirt. The only company that I’ve found that provides a shirt that stays wrinkle resistant for a long time, which doesn’t mean it’s non-iron, but you need to iron it less is from &Collar. Comparing to others &Collar is the only quality type within it’s price range.

The Good

• Unstainable, Sustainable Shirts

• Free Returns and Exchanges

• Visit a Retail Location to Try Before You Buy

• Free Shipping on Orders over $100

The Bad

• Limited apparel collection

• Only few physical retailers

Unstainable, Sustainable Shirts

&Collar boasts that its goods are not only good for buyers, but also for the nature. All shirts are manufactured using a patented mixture of fabrics and utilised upcycled plastics.

The system of &Collar takes plastic bottles and supplies them to a recycling plant for processing. The bottles are converted into pellets of plastic which are then turned into thread. The thread is supplied to a manufacturer of garments where it is woven into a shirt & collar.

Every shirt is made with the equivalent of 15 plastic bottles, according to the brand.

In addition, all shirts & collars are machine-washable, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and stain-resistant.

Free Returns and Exchanges

&Collar offers free returns and exchanges on all orders (as long as customers return the product within 30 days from shipping date). You can make a return or exchange by simply visiting &Collar’s Exchange and Returns Portal.

Try it on before buying

&Collar is working with many different retailers to sell its products. Currently, &Collar is working with the following retailers:

• Mr. Mac

• Called To Surf

• Circle of Love

• Blissful Occasions

Free Shipping on Orders over $100

&Collar offers free shipping to costumers with $100 spend or more. But if you spend less than $100 it’s only standard shipping rate of $5.


If you’re tired of wearing dress shirts that wrinkle, soak up moisture, and hold in the sun, then you’re probably in business with &Collar. The young company sells unsustainable but sustainable dress shirts which are made of athletic material, although there is not a huge selection of products. &Collar provides free shipping on orders over $100, and free returns and exchanges are available.

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