Using CORK instead of LEATHER? “Corcor” says YES to saving world’s eco-system solution!


Because the cork is a premium natural material — and it’s designed exclusively from it — the Corcor products are 100% animal free and bear the PETA-approved vegan certification. They look, feel and even behave like leather. Minus the cruelty. 

Animal Leather Production: Animal Product and Chemical Waste

Leather is not just a by-product of the meat and dairy industry, but due to the ever-increasing Western demand for leather products, animals are killed just to produce leather.

Leather facilities create air pollution from organic solvents (VOCs) used in processing the animal carcasses, solid waste in terms of what is referred to as rawhide waste, and water pollution from the wastewater released from the facilities. Rawhide, or “raw animal hide” waste, consists of animal body parts unable to be used for leather production that are disposed of as waste. These animal organs, skins, and the accompanying blood often are disposed of in local waterways around leather production facilities, contributing to the wastewater produced by the facility. 

One of the most concerning aspects of the modern chemical tanning process of leather is that it makes use of a heavy metal called chromium, which is highly bio-accumulative and toxic.Chromium is not something you want to mess around with as it boost chances of asthma, bronchitis, other respiratory problems, and cancer.

All Corcor brand cork leather is certified. This accreditation ensures the protection and adequate harvesting of the cork oak forest, our lifeblood. Used cork is obtained by removing the outer bark of the tree, without cutting or harming it. As the bark replenishes, cork can be harvested again and again. We support them in this initiative and suggest to you, reader, to keep saving the world together!

A handful of local Portuguese artisans produce perfectly finished pieces. Traditional craftsmanship combines with small batches, to ensure you get premium quality, without the premium price. 

They have multiple different styles for belts, wallets and bags. Check them out on the official Corcor website.

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